1. Copyright
All photos and virtual tours displayed in 360sites.gr are copyright material of the owner/creator. An owner/creator is consedered to be the one that has included a logo or watermark on this material. Objections with regards of illegal use of material without the written permission of the owner/creator, will be looked through and appropriate measures will be taken , even removal of the in-question material from 360sites.gr.

2. Listings
The listing service of a business (hotel, camping site, restaurant etc) without the involvement of an individual webpage and a virtual tour of the displayed business, is provided completely for free. However, if for any reason the owner of a businees listed in 360sites.gr wishes to be deleted from such a list, he/she can contact us and the business will be immediately removed.

The display order is following a strict alphabetical order from A-Z, with priority to business names in English, followed by the ones in Greek.

3. Information accuracy
360sites.gr is not responsible for the accuracy of information given on our webpages, since this information is controlled by third parties and could be modified at any time without updating 360sites' database.

4. Links to external webpages
360sites.gr hosts links to external webpages for which we hold no control or responsibility over the content, functionality and quality of services. Any issue that may arise from visiting an external website through 360sites.gr, should be addressed directly to the owner/administrator of the external webpage.

5. Standards
We have set the minimum requirements and quality standards of the visual material that we would display by users, through the section Standards. We have the right to reject the display of visual material that does not meet our minimum requirements. In the case of virtual tours displayed in 360sites, a reference will be made to the owner/creator and a link to his/her own webpage (if there is one) will be shown.

6. Virtual tour embeding
There is absolutely no charge to the websites that wish to take advantage of this feature and 360sites will never ask for a rewarding service in return, to continue using the embedded virtual tour. And rewarding service from such website that have embedded our virtual tours, may solely come as a decision by the website owner and not as result from demands coming from 360sites.gr.

This service is provided from 360sites without any commitment that it will continue to exist in the future without termination or changes in the fair use policies. Learn more about this unique service from the page Virtual tour embedding.