By sending us your material, you'll be able to promote your own work and your business in the most substantial and cost-free way. Display your photo-shooting skills and attract new customers to your business.

Before sending anything (virtual tours and/or photos), please read carefully the information below to make sure you comply with set standards. We regret to say material that doesn't meet our standards, will not be used in our website.

360° virtual tours


You can send us your virtual tours, so that we can further build our existing database of tourist destinations. In order for your submission of visual material to be accepted and finally used in public display, it has to meet certain standards that we've set. This involves both technical and aesthetic details, which are:

- You have to send us a copy of the source material of the still panoramic image (.jpeg, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp etc) and not the exported file set (.swf, .mov etc).
- The image proportion has to be 2:1.
- The image resolution has to be at least 5000x2500px.
- The coverage should be 360°x180° and nothing less, so that we provide a full 360° image without any blind spots.
- The final stitching of the individual images must result in a high quality image. Virtual tours with stitching faults and misalignments will not be accepted for public show.


- The nadir and zenith spots of the virtual tours must show the actual location, not the tripod or lens. Virtual tours produced by one-shot lens will not be accepted.
- The tripod shown on the nadir spot must be removed from the image without obvious alteration of the image. It could also be covered by a mirrorball or the creator's logo.


- Your logo is allowed only on the nadir spot, not on any other position on the image. If you want it to appear in one of the four corners of the tour, please send us your logo in a separate file. The acceptable file formats are .png or .gif with a clear background.



Just like the virtual tours, photos also have to meet the minimum standards set by in order to be approved and shown in public. These are:

- You have to own the image and not just send us an image that you found on the internet or you simply do not own the copyrights. If such a violation is proved or a report is filed with regards to copyright violation, the specific image will be immediately deleted from our database without warning.
- The image resolution has to be at least 800x600px.
- All images need to be in full colour, no back & white images will be accepted.
- They can't display socially sensitive material (ie naked kids playing on the beach).
- You can display your own logo in one of the four corners of the image but not in the center as a watermark.