360sites.gr allows you to embed any of the website's featured virtual tours for free and without any sort of rewarding commitments.

Features overview


Absolutely safe embeding method, no spamming, used daily by popular websites like YouTube


Quick and easy installation without complicated parameters, you will still need the help of your website's administrator though


Show your website visitors for free all the main tourist attractions of your location, through high quality 360° virtual tours

You can find the necessary embeding code, below each virtual tour. The frame that you're looking for, looks like the one in the example below:

Embed this virtual tour on your website

You can embed this 360° virtual tour on your website for free! Just copy the code below and paste it in your website's source code, in the position you wish the tour to appear. After you paste the code in, you can modify the "width/height" fields of the pasted code to what suits you best.


In order to embed the virtual tour, access to your website's source code is essential. You can then choose where you wish the tour to be displayed. If you're not sure about how to proceed, please contact your website's administrator. Unfortunately we cannot do anything more on this matter, but we're always here to answer any relevant questions.

Why we do it

You might ask yourselves 'why do they do it, for free?' and what's in it for us. The answer is very simple: for the promotion of 360sites.gr on an growing crowd, but also to make more people familiar with the 360° virtual tours technology and the potentials it offers for exploration.


Embeding one of our virtual tours on your website, does not give you ownership rights. The legal owner of a virtual tour is considered to be the company that is claiming the tour through an official logo placed somewhere on the tour's window or nadir spot. The source material of all virtual tours produced by myPanorama is not available for sale to third parties and is exclusively produced for 360sites.gr.


All the work for storing, displaying and maintaining the virtual tours is being done by us on our servers. The is no additional bandwidth use by an embeding website since you don't actually host the virtual tour. If you're already using YouTube videos on your website, you're doing exactly the same thing!

Businesses that have already embeded our tours

Another good reason for embedding our virtual tours, is the extra promotion you get for simply doing so. Your business will be included in the featured list of all businesses that have embedded our virtual tours as you can see below and you will also get a backlink to your webpage that's displaying our tour.

Once you've completed the embedding please let us know about it and we will add your business in the list below.